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Boy, do I love waffles. Those delicious little nooks and crannies that allow for optimal butter and syrup collection…nothing better.

I take my waffles very seriously. Very rarely will I eat a waffle from the freezer. I like homemade, crispy, chewy waffles.

I believe the secret for getting that delightful texture is separating the eggs. I despise recipes that call for 3 yolks and no whites, or vice versa. I never end up using the other part, so it goes to waste and makes me mad. So for this recipe, I mix the yolks with the other wet ingredients, and whip the ever-living hell out of the egg whites in another bowl. Not only is this a good arm workout (yes, I use a balloon whisk…electric mixers are for wimps), it’s a therapeutic way to release any pent-up anger. By the time the egg whites are at the required stiff peak consistency, I’m almost too tired to make the waffles.


I found this waffle recipe on the Serious Eats website. (I don’t want to plagiarize them, so I’m just linking directly to the recipe instead of copying it here.)

Serious Eats is one of my go-to places for recipes. They take recipe creation seriously, and usually do a whole lot of testing before presenting the final version. Plus, they explain the methodology behind their testing, which gives me an even greater appreciation for the end result.

The only adaptation I made to their waffle recipe was to add melted butter instead of canola oil. Mostly, I just prefer the taste of butter, but I’ll bet the oil might make the waffles even crispier. Damn, now I have to try it with the oil.

The sacrifices I make…there’s no end to my giving.

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