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Sunset Spectacle

I love a good sunset.

And here in the BSide, we get some stellar sunsets. Even though we’re in a bit of a valley, our house is quite tall, and our top floor gets a pretty fantastic view over the tree line. The sun sets right behind our house, spreading out across the tree tops for miles, it seems. Some nights, the sunset colours are so vivid, it’s hard to believe it isn’t Photoshopped.

I find myself repeatedly uttering, “Look at that sky. I should take a picture.” It’s not unusual for me to photograph at least 3 sunsets a week. Somehow, the colours are different every night. It’s bizarre, it’s beautiful, and it gives me a feeling of absolute joy to witness it.

Sunset gallery

Because I have sooo many sunset pictures, I figure one post with a photo gallery is the best approach. Here are some of my favourite pictures.

Don’t hate me for including a winter picture: yes, it looks cold and snowy, but the colours are too pretty to resist.

  • blue and pink sunset

It’s tough for me to pick a favourite. Sometimes, the bright yellow sun burst captures my attention, but then the delightful speckled clouds edge their way into the top rankings. Pinks and oranges always catch my eye, and the almost-purple blues make a dramatic statement as well.

I know there is likely a simple scientific reason behind the constant colour-shifting. Whatever it is, I’m just glad I get a front-row seat to watch it unfold.

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