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Smell of Spring

It doesn’t matter how warm it gets, how green the grass becomes, or what date appears on the calendar.

For me, the first true sign of spring is the smell of salt water in the air.

Living so close to the ocean really has its advantages. When the wind is just right, the breeze carries with it the smell of briny ocean goodness.

Something about that smell makes me incredibly happy. When I was a kid, we made occasional trips to the “big city”, and that ocean smell was the thing I remember most.

(I also remember the giant billboards, which were fascinating to my country bumpkin self, but now I just find them annoyances that cause traffic jams.)

I smelled that delicious salty air as soon as I walked out the door this morning. That, plus a gorgeous purple sunrise, set me off on a good day. It didn’t even matter that there were heavy flurries on my lunchtime walk. That smell energized me and put a smile on my face, all while the snow was collecting on my eyelashes and impairing my vision.

But that’s okay. I didn’t need to see where I was going. I was too busy enjoying the signs of spring.

(Editor’s note: I don’t have a picture that actually captures smell – hurry up and invent that already, technology – and my phone camera sucks so I couldn’t get the beautiful sunrise, hence the picture of a bunny, because it was Easter last week. You’re welcome.)

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