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BSideLife Comes to Life

I’m jumping off the deep end.

This is a terrifying prospect for me, because:

a) I can’t swim; and
2) I’m scared of falling flat on my face.

See, this delightful little website you are currently reading is a new adventure for me. A big adventure.

Sure, I’ve written blogs in the past. In fact, I had 3 separate blogs over the years. As my life changed, so did the concepts behind my blogs.

But one thing never changed: my love of writing.

I find comfort in the written word. And despite how pompous that last sentence sounds, writing has always played a prominent role in my life. Before the internet (yup, I grew up without it…unfathomable, isn’t it?), I would put pencil to paper and write something.

I like to think my writing skills have improved since my early days. For example, there are fewer unicorn-related stories in my modern-day repertoire. But these days, I focus on more realistic stories (no offense to any unicorns who may be reading this).

When my gentleman friend and I began our life together in our home, I started focusing on writing about us. Our home in Brookside is our happy place, and it makes me incredibly happy to write about it. So I want to expand that feeling.

Because we are incredibly cool people, we refer to our community as BSide. Hence, this website, affectionately called BSideLife, is about our life in the BSide (get it?).

This website is where I will share our ups, downs, and everything in between…which is scary for an introvert like me.

I hope you stick around to enjoy the show, and maybe join in the conversation. At the very least, you can munch on popcorn while watching it all go down in flames, should it come to that.

Oh, but if that happens, I would recommend bringing some marshmallows, because s’mores are awesome.

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