A lifestyle website, for a girl with no life


Welcome to the BSideLife, a lifestyle website, for a girl with no life.

You are likely wondering, what exactly is this “BSideLife”?

An abbreviation of Brookside (the community where we live), the BSideLife is where I share our home and life adventures.

Who am I?

I’m Krista, and my gentleman friend and I built our house in 2012 on 7.5 acres.

After the builders packed up and moved on, we had:

  • No grass
  • Horrible grading
  • Flooding from the nearby wetland, and
  • More rocks than we thought possible

We are now (slowly) fixing all those issues and turning our home into our happy place, 1 blade of grass at a time.

A lot of the stuff we do is new to us, so there is quite a learning curve. We’re sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly right here, so feel free to laugh at our mistakes along with us. We promise we will not get (too) mad.